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Talent Retention & Motivation

through Continuous Feedback:

Unleash the true potential of your employees with Continuous Assessment by your side. Allow quick and higher recognitions for critical tasks and build a team of highly motivated and retainable employees.

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Employee Performance Analysis

through 360 degree feedback

With 360 degree Feedback built-in at the heart of the platform, Perfometer is the go-to tool for modern organizations, to have an in-depth understanding and evaluation of Employee Performance.

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Sentiment Analysis

Chatbot based continuous survey that helps organizations to maintain positive employee experience


Intuitive scorecard that helps the employee to track improvement against the KPIs/Goals and develop the relevant skills

KPI - Management

Give and receive continuous and real-time feedback that is not only actionable but is timely as well using our mobile app

Real-Time Continuous Feedback

Give and receive feedback against the KPIs/Goals anytime with our intuitive mobile

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360 Degree Feedback

Give and receive feedback across all levels and departments

Unbiased Performance Review

Unbiased performance review based on feedbacks collected during the performance period


Analytics based reports for leadership team/managers to gain insight about each teams / departments and make better decisions

Easy Integration

Easy integration with your existing Human Resource Management System

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